James Moss

Support for Markdown in OSX QuickLook

QuickLook is an indispensable feature in OSX that I use many times every day. Highlight a file in Finder and tap space to see a preview of the file without having to open it in an editor.

Recently I’ve been writing more and more documents in Markdown using Mou (including this blog post). Frustratingly, out of the box QuickLook doesn’t support Markdown, you’ll just see a larger version of the file icon.

There’s an easy fix however in form of Phil Toland’s QLMarkdown. Installing it is easy:

  1. Download the latest release by clicking here.
  2. Extract it somewhere temporarily and copy the QLMarkdown.qlgenerator file into ~/Library/QuickLook (you may need to create this directory).
  3. Relaunch Finder by alt+right-clicking on the icon in the dock and selecting the option at the bottom.

Boom. Markdown in QuickLook.

James Moss

I’m a 31 year old developer and hacker from Brighton, England. Currently employed at Simpplr where I build employee community products.