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What factors does Google take into account when ranking your site?

The algorithm Google uses to rank your site in its search engine results pages is highly complex and the team who work on it are highly secretive. There are very few who know exactly how it works. The algorithm is often updated and refined which means keeping your site at the top of search results is an ongoing task.

In a recent keynote speech at PubCon, a Google engineer Matt Cutts, revealed that there are roughly 200 different variables which are analysed by the algorithm when it’s deciding where to rank your site. Over at Search Engine Journal, Ann Smarty and her readers are attempting to put together a definitive list of these variables. Of course nobody knows how accurate this list is, however with the input of hundreds of SEO specialists with years of experience it’s very likely that many of the these factors are correct.

Let’s Try to Find All 200 Parameters in Google Algorithm @ SEJ http://www.searchenginejournal.com/200-parameters-in-google-algorithm/15457/